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The IcleTest® team believe in preventative healthcare and our objective is to save lives.

The truth is, unless we feel pain or have visible signs of something wrong, we are (men in particular) unlikely to book regular check ups with a doctor for no obvious reason. First of all there is handling the process of getting an appointment, waiting and then explaining to the doctor why you booked to see them. Where would they start with no obvious symptoms and so many tests they could do?

But are there any simple, quick checks you could do first - when you are apparently completely well - that could prompt a meaningful doctor's appointment?

We think so. That's where IcleTest® can help.

Ask yourself a simple question: do men ever go to the doctor and say:

“Hi - I am feeling fine and have no signs of any illness but wondered if you could check out my urine in case there is anything bad in it that I can’t see”.

Not many, right? This is why preventative healthcare is so important for men who tend not to want to talk about anything until it hurts so bad they are forced to see a doctor. This is often too late to prevent the most serious consequences.

Our Simple Patented and Globally Accredited Solution:

Our Early Warning System looks for signs of potentially serious illnesses before they become visible. Our very simple self test at home kit registers if we have blood in our urine within 20 seconds. The best thing for men is that we only need to remember two things;

If result is positive then book an appointment with your GP and seek medical device as soon as you can If result is negative then do it again in a few months and repeat We have now been awarded patents for IcleTest® in the UK and the USA which makes our means of testing proprietary and unique; and our ISO and CE mark accreditations mean that our test design has been regulated for efficacy.

Will it really save lives?

Yes. In 2011 Public Health England in partnership with the Department for Health, NHS England and Cancer Research UK ran a campaign called Be Clear on Cancer to promote public awareness of the better outcomes that could be achieved by early diagnosis. Their aim was to prevent 5,000 deaths per year. The results suggested that making people aware of this message did improve clinical outcomes.

At IcleTest® we want to help spread this message across the country and we can now offer the technology to deliver a product direct to our customers homes that can help improve clinical outcomes even further.

IcleTest® has been 5 years in development. We have been granted a CE Mark certification as an Invitro Diagnostic Medical Device (IVDD) and also hold ISO 13485 certification for our quality management that enables us to sell directly to the customer through our online platform.

As a team we are really excited about the possibilities this product has to change the way men think bout healthcare and save lives as a result.

For more information on the NHS Blood in Pee Campaign please visit:


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Important Notice

Icle Test Limited does not practice medicine or provide medical services or advice. The contents of this package (The IcleTest DIY Men's Health Blood in Urine Test) are not intended to be a substitute or replacement for medical advice or for a medical examination by a qualified healthcare professional. The IcleTest DIY Men's Health Blood in Urine Test is intended to be an aid to early diagnosis of Men's health issues only and is not intended to provide a diagnosis of any specific medical condition; It is intended only to detect blood in urine. A negative result should not be relied on in substitution for medical advice or for a medical examination by a qualified healthcare professional. If the test is positive please arrange to see a qualified healthcare professional