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IcleTest has proved popular with progressive HR and CHRO leaders looking to offer innovative and modern workplace benefits to their workforces. IcleTest already supports several organisations looking to proactivley support the health of their employees or members.
We are happy to support organisations fulfilling large orders and have made it easy to add the most popular bulk orders to your basket online below.

HR Leaders - Transform Employee Sentiment in Your Organisation

IcleTest's wellbeing service transforms employee sentiment by showing your colleagues that you really care.

Our health services are increasingly under pressure and just getting an appointment is hard to do and is likely to require time off work. By providing an IcleTest to your colleagues at regular points in their career journey with you, you could not only improve employee sentiment towards the company's leadership, you could also potentially reduce absenteeism but also improve the health outcomes of many colleagues.

Tests will encourage colleagues into thinking about their health proactively, and could even raise awareness of underlying health issues that colleagues maybe completely unaware of. For many, a negative result could just give them peace of mind, but imagine being able to help just one of your colleagues become alerted to a life-threatening condition well ahead of time so that early treatment is a possibility.

Across moments that matter for your colleagues lives and careers, your small gestures, have big impacts.

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Jane's Moment that Mattered...


"I can not put into words what your test has done for me! I bought 4 for my 3 boys... all negative results. There was one left over, so I had a go but being female didn't think anything would show up! But it did show traces of blood. I am healthy and not unwell in any way!I made an appointment and although the scan was clear, had a scope into my bladder where they have found the very early stages of bladder cancer! I am in total shock! But feeling absolutely blessed, that they have found it!!Thanks you isn't enough! God bless you all xxx"


September 2023

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In the case of orders larger than 500, we need to make specific supply chain and fulfilment arrangements but may also be able to offer wholesale pricing depending on volume and commitment.

If you wish to order more than 500 IcleTests, please contact us directly at nick@icletest.co.uk.