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How often you need to test varies from individual to individual depending on your attitude to risk but also how at risk you might feel you are due to medical record, family history, age, gender and other symptoms.
Subscriptions are delivered at a regularity to suit you: monthly, every 2 months, quarterly, or twice a year.

Take it from Dr Hilary Jones MBE

Listen to Dr Hilary Jones MBE, best known as a TV doctor and medical media broadcaster, who explains how invisible blood in your urine can be a sign of prostate, kidney or bladder cancer and testing regularly could vital for your health.

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IcleTest – your early warning system

We believe that we will save lives by making preventative healthcare more accessible. You don’t need visible or painful symptoms to be at risk. Invisible traces of blood in your pee can be an early sign of prostate, kidney or bladder cancer, but with IcleTest you'll spot them before they become a problem. Stay on top of your health by regularly testing from the comfort of your home – it’s the smart thing to do.

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Early Diagnosis is Key to Saving Lives

In 2011 Public Health England in partnership with the Department for Health, NHS England and Cancer Research UK ran a campaign called Be Clear on Cancer to promote public awareness of the better outcomes that could be achieved by early diagnosis.

Their aim was to prevent 5,000 deaths per year. The results suggested that making people aware of this message did improve clinical outcomes.

At IcleTest® we want to help spread this message across the country and we can now offer the technology to deliver a product which is:

  • convenient (use at home)

  • private (no personal data or details are shared)

  • quick (20 seconds to result)

  • inexpensive (delivered free for £20)

We believe that being alerted to potentially serious conditions early can help improve clinical outcomes as in the case of these two customer examples who both discovered cancer sooner than they otherwise would have and are now being treated earlier.