At-Home Test For Blood in Urine A Known Symptom of Prostate Cancer

At-Home Test For Blood in Urine, A Known Symptom of Prostate Cancer

The NHS list blood in urine as one of the possible symptoms of prostate cancer. See here:

Prioritize your health and check for blood every 3 months.

  • At-home urine test 
  • Results in 20 seconds
  • Tests for blood your can't see in your urine
  • CE marked & ISO-accredited

Detect invisible blood in urine which could be a warning sign of more serious conditions. Don’t wait for visible or painful symptoms, be one step ahead with IcleTest.

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Prostate Checker For Early Detection

Around 46,500 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK each year. Detection is the best line of defence and can help you to seek medical help faster than ever before. Our smart and simple, clean at-home urine test strips empower men to test for signs of blood, with results provided in 20 seconds.


Combat more serious conditions head-on and test for unseen traces of blood in your urine to be one-step ahead of this life-threatening disease.


Supporting the NHS campaign to check for prostate symptoms, IcleTest has developed an ISO-accredited and CE marked prostate checker that only requires you to urinate on a test strip for instant results. Designed to be used as a health checker, should you receive a positive result, you should book an appointment to see your doctor for further investigation.

Since unseen blood in your urine can also be a sign of kidney cancer and bladder cancer, this new at-home test kit will help men across the country prioritize their health, without having to wait for signs or symptoms of cancer to appear.

Early detection means a stronger fight, so don’t let cancer have the upper hand!

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